IVA – Designed to help you

June 10, 2009

IVA uk is designed to help consumers get out of debt and avoid having to pay up to 65% of their debt back. IVA uk was initially set up in the late eighties to help small medium size companies avoid bankruptcy and to continue trading.

Since the on slaught of the credit crunch IVA uk has become one of the only options for many people to get out of debt. IVA uk has actually been made available to the regular consumer since the end of the nineties and isn’t that new. It’s only become more and more popular over the last 3 years as people situations have started to change due to financial over commitment and the recession all over the world particularly in the UK.

IVA uk is available to anyone who is struggling with debt of £15,000 or more and is and very real option into 2009 for more than 90,000 people (estimated). If you have debts you are struggling to repay and you are looking to become debt free in 5/6 years then an IVA uk is a viable option.

If you are currently looking for an IVA uk then your best option is to search online and compare three or four debt management companies who offer a good low cost IVA uk and who are not going to be making huge amounts of fees out of you.

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April 29, 2009

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